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Kaspersky Lab is Official Cybersecurity Partner of FIDE

"Chess is a beautiful game of strategy that involves a huge amount of passion and tension. Today it’s impossible to imagine the development of chess without the help of computer technologies. However, it is human brainpower that is the ultimate differentiator in chess. This is the trait that makes this game so captivating and unpredictable, and it’s one of the key reasons why we love it and support it."

Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab

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Kaspersky Lab provides players with the opportunity to participate in international tournaments and receive training at prestigious chess schools. The company cooperates with chess grandmaster and World Vice Champion Sergey Karjakin; a young candidate master Andrey Tsvetkov and grandmaster and the world junior chess champion Mikhail Antipov.

Sergey Karjakin

Born in 1990, at the age of 12 he became the youngest ever Grandmaster in history and was added to the World Guiness Records. Sergey won a Gold medal of the World Chess Olympiad at the age of 14. Has joined the elite 2700 FIDE rating points group at the age of 17. In 2016 he became World Blitz Champion and World Vice Champion.


Kaspersky Lab is Official Cybersecurity Partner of FIDE, World Chess and the World Chess Championship Cycle 2017-2018.


Founded in Paris on 20 July 1924, the World Chess Federation (Federation Internationale des Echecs, known as FIDE from its French acronym) was recognized by the International Olympic Committee as an International Sports Federation in 1999.

With 188 member federations, FIDE is among the biggest sports organizations in the world, very proud of over forty official championships for youngsters, men, women and seniors.

Chess is an affiliate member, or fully recognized by, National Olympic Committees in 117 countries, and chess as a sport is recognized in 107 countries.

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 World Chess

World Chess is the official partner of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) as well as commercial rights holder to the FIDE World Chess Championship cycle. The company aims to develop and commercialize chess, create favorable environment for partners, players, and brands, and to significantly expand the broadcast coverage of the sport.

It broadcasts all the World Chess Championship cycle of events on and via official media partners. For the 2016 World Chess Championship in New York in November 2016, nearly 10 million chess fans tuned in to watch Magnus Carlsen play with Sergey Karjakin.

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